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Gregory has been making music his whole life, from banging on pots when he was five to riffing on stage, to recording, mixing, and producing his debut album, 'Fly To The Land Of Z' which you can purchase now. Upon first listen there is no question that the album experience is a filled with an eclectic mix of styles and emotions, stimulating the senses and evoking the imagination. Filled with the elation he felt from becoming a father, which inspired him to start playing music again, the sorrow and pain from life's challenges, and the mystery and wonder that is life all around us, the album is a showcase of his own signature brand of guitar music that takes the listener on a journey to a place yet unexplored.

100% of CD Sale Proceeds are Being Donated to Help the Lobato Family

In December of 2015, Jeff Lobato was tragicly killed in a head on collision. His wife survived but was severely injured and his children survived the accident with little injury. To assist this family, Gregory is donating all proceeds of his C.D. sales to the Lobato family to assist during this difficult time.

You can also help by donating to the Lobato family through this Go Fund Me campaign.

Read about the tragedy here.

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Featuring the first single 'Positive Flow'

Also featuring 'Summer Rain'

Also featuring 'Yellow Rocket Boots'

Also featuring 'Innocent Sorrow'

Greg Bachman’s debut album Fly To The Land Of Z

Fly to the Land of Z Cover Art
Fly to the Land of Z Disc Art

Fly to the Land of Z Cover Art
Fly to the Land of Z Disc Art

Gregory J. Bachman

At age 11, after hearing 'Eruption' by Eddie Van Halen, Gregory J. Bachman, the Guitar Player, was born.

Growing up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, my family would watch Hee Haw every Saturday night. Roy Clark amazed me. I got my first guitar at age 5, and I would come home from school and lip sync in the mirror to the radio. I was always banging on the dishes at the dinner table with my utensils, torturing my family. Music was always playing in my head.

After some basic lessons, I taught myself to play guitar by learning Rush, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Def Leppard and other songs by ear. It was all vinyl LPs back then so I would listen to a section, then lift the needle back and play along with it, doing this over and over again. It almost drove my poor Mother crazy! I would adjust my amp to make it sound as close as I could to their sound, and I did my best to mimic their playing as close as possible. I practiced for hours a day this way.

In my teens I wrote music and took up bass, keyboards and drums. At school my friends and I played Rock and Metal together. At church I learned to sing 3 and 4 part harmony, orchestrate old hymns, and even played lead to contemporary styles. At Christmas this provided opportunities to play with the local symphony orchestra which was great experience, and expanded my musical knowledge further. I learned from some very accomplished musicians during that time.

In 1993 I moved to Hollywood to attend GIT, but was not able to enroll because financial aid would not cover all of my tuition. In 1994, almost living on the street, I went home doubting myself and became seriously depressed. Then I quit playing altogether and worked as a Janitor, going nowhere.

Later I got married and worked hard selling Insurance, but never found success. In my heart I knew I wasn't doing the right thing. When my son was born, one day I looked at him and was inspired to face my true self once more. In July of '04, I started playing bass in a band. We wrote originals and I felt alive again. Writing music and playing bass was great, but I knew I had to get back to my true passion.

In January ‘05, after a 10 year hiatus, I bought a cheap guitar, and for the next 8 years I continued practicing, studying, writing, and upgrading my studio. My first album was finally finished in 2013 and will release this summer and is dedicated to my son. Isn’t it amazing how kids can inspire their parents to be more, do more and give more? That’s what Heroes do, they inspire others, and that is why my son is my Hero.

All of this has taught me so much, but one of the main things is this. Stay true to yourself and NEVER give up on your dreams. But if you do, as I did, God gives second chances, so make up your mind today that you're going to do it, and don't waste any more time!

Currently I am finishing my follow up album which will be a tribute to my late parents. Look for it to be released soon!


Session Work

Guitars – Whether you need crunchy Rhythms and/or leads or a mellow accompaniment in a variety of textures and styles, Bachman can play that.

Bass – Metal, Rock, Jazz or Slap, Bachman’s got you covered.

Keys – Piano, Pads, Strings, Ambient Atmospheres and percussion loops added to your music.

Drums – Get rid of the drum machine sound. This alone could be the difference between your music sounding great or not. Bachman can copy your existing drum parts or write all new parts in pristine, professional studio quality drum sounds.

Mixing Engineer

Price per song, discounts for whole album.




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